Our Values

At Devon Contractors, we believe in collaborative working and early involvement of the supply chain to achieve a design that is right from the start. As a result a quality, best value end product is always delivered to our clients. We are certain that working in collaboration ensures the quality of the project, protection of the environment and benefits the local community.

Collaboration to us means that all parties are working for a common goal on a totally open basis, with no confrontation, and with everyone working to achieve the best possible result for the client. By working this way we are able to promote better relationships between the client, design team, contractor and end user.

We firmly believe that including the supply chain in this process ends the need for disputes and at the same time promotes trust between partners, innovation, and better use of technology and best value. We are keen to promote the integration of the supply chain into all of our projects, so that their knowledge and expertise can be readily available for the use of the Project Team, as well as a ready known series of costs to help with the most up to date and accurate budgeting of projects.